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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find more information about the Museum of Digital Expressionism.


The Museum of Digital Expressionism's permanent collection holds works by prominent digital artists such as Fewocious, Sinclair, Suryanto, ROBNESS, TJO, Max Capacity, Anthony Hurd, Eddie Gangland, and many more. Our collection also consists of a few fashion designers such as KidSuper, Blu Boy, and FATHERAKKI. 

Can I submit artwork to the MODE?

Currently, the MODE does not accept gifts of art but we can not prevent people from sending art into our wallet. Due to our inability of preventing spam from artists, we are building a list of artists collected by the museum and will link it here when it is completed. 

Where can I buy a membership?

Memberships at the MODE are a current work in progress. The only available membership is a founder's membership on OpenSea. To find this search "MODEart Founders" or click the link here

What is FACE Fashion House and how is the MODE involved?

The FACE Fashion House is a team of individuals that are helping other creators kick start their clothing brands in the metaverse. We design wearables, divide the profits, and reinvest them back into the community. Every month we donate 100 MANA to a creator so they list a wearable for sale.

How can I help the MODE grow?

The first thing anyone can do to help grow the MODE is to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord. We host monthly events in Decentraland and are always looking to meet great people. 

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